EP #5 – Revision with Trevor Spencer

February 20, 2018

Trevor Spencer is a former pastor and youth minister. We talk about why he left the ministry, running an online business, open theism, being a rebel, evolution & creationism, wealth & faith, servant leadership, if America should be a Christian nation, and what would change his mind.

He's currently CEO of Marathon Training Academy an online business he co-founded with his wife Angie. Trevor and Angie started podcasting from their kitchen table with a $49 microphone and grew to the #1 podcast on Marathon Training with over 6 million downloads!

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EP #2 – Duality with Dori Chandler

December 14, 2017

Dori Chandler is an environmental planner, climate activist, and educator. She works with non-profits, governments, universities, and faith communities to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, eco-justice, and waste reduction and reuse. She is the statewide coordinator and group leader with Citizens' Climate Lobby and a board member with Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light.